Installation Guide Part 1 – Individual Installation How do I install SOLIDWORKS 2017? In this blog series, we will try and cover the basics to get you up and running as efficiently as possible. Part 1 will start with the download process and then go into installing an Individual Installation of. Next, we will step you through SolidNetwork License Installations in Part 2, including common gotchyas like needing to update the license file with modify and creating port exclusions in the Windows firewall. The Installation will be considered in Part 3, which will include specific issues for electrical installs and server issues.

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Part 4 will cover,. Next, we will look at how to install and in Part 5. For customers who use, Part 6 will consider will consider the installation procedures. Finally, Part 7 will cover. Please note that we offer. Built on our 20+year experience implementing CAD and engineering solutions, CATI and MCAD have developed a set of proprietary implementation packages designed to help you get the most out of your investment in SolidWorks. There are several things to keep in mind before you jump in and start installing the latest version.


Is your company and are your clients ready for 2017? Don’t upgrade your machine and expect everybody else will be ready to as well. Are you doing a clean wipe and a new single version installor installingside by side withyour old version? Are you creating an admin image or has your company installed your current version with an admin image? Are you sharing a SOLIDWORKS Toolbox or are you creating a new local version?
If it is shared you may have issues with your update as other users inside the toolbox can cause install updates to fail. Are you backed up?
Do you have backups of your system settings using Copy settings Wizard? Are your toolboxes and or vaults backed up? Do you have admin rights? Is your anti-virus shut off? Is UAC turned off? If you don’t know the answers, maybe you should consult with your IT. This may sound silly butTEST ITbefore you install everywhere else.
Make sure you can use all of your basic daily functions and programs along with SOLIDWORKS 2017. If you can’t, then don’t move all the machines forward. Again plan it. Make sure there are available versions of SOLIDWORKS Composer, EPDM, and/or CAM packages to work with the new version.
Don’t get stuck not being able to work. Download and Install SOLIDWORKS 2017 #sw2017 As a best practice, SOLIDWORKS recommends that you restart your system before beginning a SOLIDWORKS installation. Near the top left of the page is the Login link. Under SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal, click the Log in button. Sign into your account using your email address and password.
If you do not have an account, click the link Create a SOLIDWORKS ID. If you have all the locks showing up once you are logged in, click the Register My Products link. Here’s a detailed blog article for more detail:. Once you are logged in, click on Downloads and Updates under the Download section. On the Downloads page, make sure that 2017 is the Selected Version. Then, click on the SOLIDWORKS PRODUCTS link. Read the SOLIDWORKS Download End User License Agreement and then click the Accept Agreement & Continue button.
On the Download and Install page, under Step 2, click Download. At the bottom of the screen, Internet Explorer prompts you to Run or Save. Please click on the arrow next to Save and pick Save As. Pick a location and save the file. Browse to the downloaded SolidWorksSetup.exe file. To run the file, I prefer to right click on the file in Windows Explorer and select Run as administrator. This makes sure that Windows has full permissions to change any file it needs to.
If you double click on the file, it may work just fine, but a lot of installation failures are due to lack of proper permissions. The file is a self-extracting zip file.
So, when prompted, choose a location and Unzip the file. This will launch the SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager. SOLIDWORKS recommends that you restart your system before beginning a SOLIDWORKS installation.
You will be prompted if a pending reboot is detected. For an Individual installation, click Next. Note: There is an option to Download and Share all files. If you have more than one seat of SOLIDWORKS 2017 to install, this is a great time saving option. If you have had SOLIDWORKS installed before, your serial number will already be inserted. If not, type it in now.
Notice that there are a few more options here if you have other serial numbers. Note: If your serial number starts 0010 or 9010, you have a network serial number. Please be sure to upgrade the license server prior to launching the SOLIDWORKS 2017 client.
Once your serial number(s) is entered, click Next. The Installation Manager first performs a system check.

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Since I already have previous versions of SOLIDWORKS on my computer, I received the following warning regarding SOLIDWORKS Electrical. I will just click Next. In the following images, we will proceed as if we are installing next to a previous install. Select Create a new installation of SOLIDWORKS 2017 and click Next. The steps are the same for a computer that has not had SOLIDWORKS installed on it before. The first item on the Summary page is the option to select which Products you want to install. Use the CHANGE link to select what products you want to install.
By clicking CHANGE next to Download Options, you can choose to download and install in the same operation or download separately then install. I prefer to do the Download only first and then come back run the install again and choose Install only. This works well if you have more than one user.
You can just copy the entire downloaded folder to another machine and you will have all the installation files ready to go. Returning to the summary by clicking Back to Summary. I recommend using SOLIDWORKS 2017 as the installation folder name. If the Installation Manager finds a folder already created with the same name, a new folder will automatically be created. Everything will still work, but over time this can get confusing when you have SOLIDWORKS Corp (2) or SOLIDWORKS Corp (3) etc. So, I always recommend naming the installation folder according to the version number.
To change the location, simply click Change next to Installation Location. Click Browse. Browse to the desired location and manually type in the folder name “SOLIDWORKS 2017” and click OK. I also recommend doing the same thing for the Toolbox installation location for a new Toolbox installation.
Note: If you are sharing a toolbox or upgrading an existing toolbox you should choose existing to upgrade the database and not lose your custom part numbers or settings. WARNING: Make sure that all users are out of Toolbox when this is being done.
EPDM users will have to check out the entire toolbox. Upgraded Toolbox will not work for previous versions. Before updating Toolbox, I strongly suggest making a copy of Toolbox somewhere safe in case you need to go back for any reason. The last step is to check I accept the terms of the SOLIDWORKS License Agreement. You are now ready to Download and Install. Please note the download size.
This is NOT a small download! Note: I chose to Download only first. Then, I launched the setup.exe from the download location again once the download was complete. That is why the image above shows the Install Now option. Once the install is completed, please join the SOLIDWORKS Customer Experience Improvement Program. NOTE: Please remember that the CAD Admin Dashboard and SOLIDWORKS tracking only worksif you join theCustomer Experience Improvement Program.
Participating will not slow down your system. SOLIDWORKS automatically creates the performance log files in the background whether you participate or not. Please make sure to opt in!! This program helps SOLIDWORKS improve product quality and determine product usage trends.
We hope this series has given you an insight on how to successfully install. Please check back to the as the Dedicated Support Team will continue posting new series of articles every month that go further into the details of many of the SOLIDWORKStools.
SOLIDWORKS download links are available for full installation data sets that can be used for any installation of SOLIDWORKS (client-side or server-side) you may need at these versions. Following the download you will want to extract the file to a known folder location using 7-Zip. If another extraction software (i.e. WinZIP or WinRAR) is used, necessary files will be flagged as malicious and the install will not be functional.
If multiple versions of SOLIDWORKS need to be installed onto the same machine in order to work with different vendors/suppliers in compatible file versions it is recommended that these installation settings be employed to prevent each install from cross-referencing file libraries. Not a GoEngineer SOLIDWORKS user?. Please fill out your information for SOLIDWORKS downloads.


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