By default Windows 8 automatically activates itself the very first time you connect to the Internet.

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Sometimes, however, the automatic activation does not go according to plan and you are left with an inactivated copy of Windows 8 and an irritating nag screen informing you that Windows 8 is in need of activation.

While having an inactivated copy of Windows 8 can be a nuisance it can easily be remedied by telephoning the Windows 8 activation line.

To do this proceed as follows:

Press the Windows key and R on your keyboard to bring up the Run command.

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Fig: 8.10.1 The Windows Run command

In the Run dialogue box type: slui.exe 4 and then press the OK button.


Fig: 8.10.2 in the Run command box type slui.exe 4

When the Windows Activation window opens, select the Country or nearest location to you from the drop down Location list.


Fig: 8.10.3 Select your language from the language drop down list

The Activate Windows by phone window will now appear.


Fig: 8.10.4 Input the required numbers into the ID box for activation to proceed

In this Window you will see a Free phone telephone number and a Local/National rate telephone number. You need to select the relevant telephone number and dial it on your telephone.Once connected to the Activation line you will be asked to provide a series of numbers. These numbers (see Provide these numbers when asked on the activate windows by phone window) are generated by your PC and give valuable information about your product key. You input them via your telephones” keypad.Once you have Inputted the required numbers, the automated activation line will give you another set of numbers to input into the activate windows by phone window.You type these numbers into the available boxes in the Enter the confirmation ID you get over the phone section of the Activate Windows by phone window.Once these numbers have been inputted, press the Activate button.If all has gone well and you have inputted the numbers correctly your copy of Windows will be activated.If a problem occurs and you are unable to activate Windows you will be told that the Activation cannot proceed. Do Not terminate the call. Hang on and you will be transferred to a real person who will take you through the steps again and will be able to help you activate your copy of Windows.

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